72 Hours in Kisumu

Hey guys!

This post is long overdue. I know. Life comes along you know but here we are. This is my last post on my Kisumu series, you can catch up on the first two  here and here. This is a quick travel guide, basically things to do in Kisumu and how to get there.

Getting there:

There are daily flights to Kisumu from Nairobi. You can also drive to Kisumu or take a bus like we did. We used Easy Coach and it was okay.

Getting around:

There’ s plenty of taxis, tuk tuks, motorcycles and matatus. Very affordable and quite a number.


Places to go/ Things to do:

Check out the museum

Entrance fee for is shs 100 for a resident adult.

Get a quick lesson in history in the archaeology section, learn about reptiles in the snake park and reptile area( there were two crocodiles and tortoises), fish in the aquarium and Luo culture in the a traditional village set up.


Indulge in Luo culture by visiting the homestead and dancing with The African Genre Shield  (which is a group that keeps Luo culture alive through performances and teaching about aspects of Luo culture.) They are doing amazing work rebuilding and maintaining that part of the museum. Check out some of the work they do here.

Catch some views of the lake

Stop by Hippo Point which is a few minutes away from the CBD. There’ s not much to see it’s actually just a view of the lake literally but if you are a sucker for views like myself it is a must visit. For a better view you can go to Kiboko Bay Resort. However, water hyacinth on the shores is killing the lake and the views. Something needs to be done.

Go to Kit Mikayi

Learn some history about this religious site as well as Luo culture and traditions. Climb the huge rocks and savour the epic views at the top. The rocks are huge and slippery but the views will quickly ease your worries. After the climb have a good stretch by dancing with a group of ladies from the local community.

Transport to Kit Mikayi was shs 100 via matatu, shs 50 via motorbike to the site and entry fee was shs 150.

Sundowners at Acacia Premier Hotel

Have some drinks with friends as you take in the glorious sunsets.


Impala Sanctuary

See animals and walk amongst them. Or get to pet Alice the cheetah.

Entry fee- shs 250

Eat scrumptous fish and ugali at Lwang’ ni Beach. I did not get to do that but it is a must do!

The highlights of my trip were holding animals and all the dancing. For a chance to do the same and more, Tembea Kisumu guys.

Those are some of the things to do in Kisumu.

Travelling soon to Kisumu? Know any place not mentioned?

Comment below and let me know.

Keep warm and Stay Winning!

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  1. How did you get to hang around a cheetah like that? Those are goals!

    1. Lol…you should do it soon!kwanza you should have seen how excited my friend was when he touched her

  2. Great shots!

  3. Great review of your experience and the sites…Love the pictures….keep winning💪

    1. Thanks Linda and keep winning too!!

  4. Hi Miricho. I like this post, seems you had so much fun. Kisumu is spectacular
    I am jealous of that shot with you and the cheetah, amazing!
    Keep it up

    Yvonne | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Yvonne!
      We had such a good time you guys should visit Kisumu asap.
      Eh, on the real though i was kinda scared she would turn and bite me, but she was so gentle.Thank Jesus.

      Love your blog btw!

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