Hello, I am Ivy Miricho, a law student based in Nairobi who runs the travel blog, Of Chows and Dhows. I am a sucker for beautiful views, sunsets, good food and movies. I love music, laughing and you’re likely to find me petting an animal.

Channeling my love and passion for travel led me to create this space to share my travel experiences through content that inspires, informs and influences you to explore more of the world.

Chow literally means food and a dhow is an Arab sailing vessel used particularly in Eastern Africa. Of Chows and Dhows is a Kenyan travel blog meaning a journey, an adventure through this beautiful world we are blessed to call home and as with every journey, food plays an integral part. If you love the idea of waking up in different destinations, immersing yourself in different cultures, sharing meals with friends and have a knack for adventure, stick around, this one’s for you!




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