Amboseli is incredibly beautiful and remains one of my favourite safari destinations in Kenya. The national park covers 392 kmand has a diverse ecosystem- there is a seasonal lake, swamps, thorny bushes and some woodland. In addition to several species of both flora and fauna calling the national park home, it is home to large herds of elephants (over 900 last time I checked) gaining the name The Land of the Giants-and rightfully so. The jewel of Amboseli’s crown has to be the breathtaking view of the majestic Mt.Kilimanjaro towering over the land.


The must do while in Amboseli is going on game drives in the National park. Hiking the Observation Hill is also a must. The panoramic view from the hilltop is incredible. You get to see the swamp and wildlife roaming freely.  Cultural visits to Maasai villages can also be arranged by your accommodation of choice. Savour the views of Africa’s highest peak especially in the morning before it gets cloudy. Is lounging in the lodge an activity? If so, add it to this list.


There are plenty of places to stay at, ranging from budget to luxury. So you can stay wherever you want depending on your budget. I stayed at Sentrim Amboseli and it was lovely. For accommodation options and more information check out Amboseli and Jumia Travel.

I hope the photos will inspire you to visit the land of the giants and fall in love with Amboseli just as I did.


You can expect such a sight as the elephants move around. I am always amazed by this majestic animals! Did you know elephants are among the most intelligent species in the world?













For more information about Amboseli check out

So the next time you’re planning a safari, Amboseli should definitely top your list.

Stay winning and tembea Kenya!

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  1. I’ve been really wanting to go to Amboseli so bad.

    1. You really should! Plus it’s not far

  2. The pool side!!!!!!

    1. The view!

  3. so much eye candy and soul food in these pictures

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Such a breathtaking view!😍 But how far is Amboseli?

    1. Right? So beautiful!
      Not that far actually, about four and a half hours by road

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