The Perfect Mini-Vacation!

There are few things that top the sound of waves crashing, madafu(aka coconut water) in your hand, distant chatter of kids playing while reading a fantastic book lying on the beach. Perhaps swimming on a hot day or eating delicious food wondering where its been all your life. Playing card games with strangers, watching the […]

The Nairobi Burger Festival 2017

Twas Burger festival week here in Nairobi similar to Nairobi Restaurant Week(which comes at the beginning of the year)  and Pizza Festival(which comes later in the year) put together by EatOut where for a couple of days(often eight days) select restaurants sell two burgers for the price of one at lowered prices. It is a fantastic time […]

72 Hours in Kisumu

Hey guys! This post is long overdue. I know. Life comes along you know but here we are. This is my last post on my Kisumu series, you can catch up on the first two  here and here. This is a quick travel guide, basically things to do in Kisumu and how to get there. Getting […]

Chow and Chill?

Photography by Kech Travel is amazing. You get to visit incredible places, see and connect with both nature and people, you get to relax or dive straight into fantastic activities and get out of your comfort zone. The experience you have however, depends on several things most importantly, a seamless stay and amazing food. Major key […]

Mama Rocks!

Mama Rocks Gourmet Burgers has been all the rage in Nairobi since it was opened up. From the raving reviews all over i just had to check it out.Started by Nigerian- Kenyan sister duo, Mama Rocks is largely shaping the Nairobi street food scene. Mama Rocks signature burgers are a celebration of Africa and a […]

Taste of Mwanza

Mwanza…Mwanza… Why a taste you ask? Well despite spending two weeks in Mwanza, I didn’t get to explore the city much as i hoped to and also because all i did was pretty much eat ha!But there is always a next time, I’m I right? I traveled by bus from Nairobi which is about 12 […]

Pizza Fiesta

Ola! Now i’m no food critic nor am i a professional food taster.I am just a girl who loves to eat and try out new places and food.A  girl’s gotta eat right?Anyways so the first ever Nairobi Pizza Festival kicked off about a week ago and was running from the 5th to the 9th of […]