72 Hours in Kisumu

Hey guys! This post is long overdue. I know. Life comes along you know but here we are. This is my last post on my Kisumu series, you can catch up on the first two  here and here. This is a quick travel guide, basically things to do in Kisumu and how to get there. Getting […]

Packing 101

Hello! Sorry for the hiatus.I’ ve been crazy busy over the past few weeks but anyway here we are. Easter is coming up and with every holiday comes travelling. So I’m sure you’ re all pretty pumped about seeing your loved ones, excited to have some chill time and you’ ve most probably made the […]

Student Budget Travel

So you love to travel, and because wanderlust is always calling you’re constantly on the road or at least planning your next adventure but your account is the enemy of progress huh!You’re not alone,I can relate (struggles of student travelers). Worry not!Here are some tips from Nelly of whisperywind.com that really come through. Guaranteed this […]