Diani Dreaming

Diani is a perfect holiday destination/ weekend getaway along the Kenyan South Coast.Its sandy beaches and blue waters rival Santorini and i kid you not!

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Diani to me is the Kenyan coast’s middle child; it’s not as busy as Mombasa, nor as secretive as Lamu but quite the mixture, definitely leaning towards chilled Malindi.The whitewashed buildings and villas teleport you to a little Italian town. It’s an amazing place to wind down.Diani is quite interesting.There’s the humid air constantly reminding you of your whereabouts..yeesss, you’re at the coast have fun!!Then there are the locals; warm and friendly in their fluent Swahili. There are the colourful tuk tuks driving about and monkeys crossing the road every two seconds. It is inevitable to break into a smile as you observe all this while listening in to the locals conversations, trying frantically to make of what they’re saying in Giriama(which sounds alot like Swahili) at a kibanda eating chapati and beans. A walk down the beach is quite dreamy, especially in the mornings when it’s not too hot, there are determined chaps jogging, mr. crab getting his head out of the sand and you can see dhows across the horizon.It’s surreal this place.So alive yet so still.So noisy yet so quiet.It’s hard to believe you’re not in a fantasy.

Tuk tuk

Beach aside,there’s plenty to in Diani. Beach activities vary from swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving to sky diving or strolling the beach.


Shimba Hills Reserve is just some kilometres away as well.You could also ask the locals;they always know the best spots to visit.Your choice of accommodation could also advise and organize these activities for you.My friends and i stayed at South Coast Backpackers.

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Now, i realized that not many people are  familiar with Backpackers. Worry not, Ivy to the rescue. Backpackers are pretty cool and affordable places that are fantastic alternatives to hotels and villas.They are more social though as they are hostels/dorms however they also have private rooms.Backpackers are great for the independent young traveller. Here you get to meet like minded travellers and probably hear their travel experiences over a cocktail or beer(Insert preferred drink). If you’re looking for a place to bond with your besties and have a great time, do check in at a backpackers.Easy on the pocket and way too fun!Most have camping facilities as well.Tasty food is available for sale however i do recommend that you buy and cook your own food; you’ve gotta liase with the kitchen staff though.It’s way cheaper. We realized this on our last day unfortunately but lesson learnt :)There are also kibandas everywhere for local food which have the best chapati maharagwe ever!and tons of seafood sold by the beach.

For the party animals there are cool clubs at Diani including Forty Thieves and Shakatak.

Diani is definitely worth visiting.Worth every penny my friend!


As i watch MTVs Ridiculousness, I’m secretly wishing someone would take me back.We all need beaches and sunshine right?

Love and love:)


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  1. Betty Mueni says:

    Wow! Now for sure Diani is must visit from your article. 👌

    1. Haha yes!
      we’ve gotta go back man
      thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Round of applause for My Girl Ivy!!! 👏
    I love this:) #TheJourneyBegins

    1. Haha thanks girl !
      I apppreciate it<3

  3. Round of applause for My Girl Ivy!!!
    I love this:) #TheJourneyBegins

  4. Bucket list #90 visit Diani, Chill, have a cold Nile Special(insert favorite drink)…….
    PS: You keep getting better and better at this!!!!.. Cheersss!!

    1. Thanks Buddy XD
      Diani should be #1 on your bucketlist #90 for who?…also when in Kenya you have to drink Tusker, leave Nile Special in Kampala!!

  5. Girrllll.. your writing skills are on another level…fire post

    1. Look who’s talkin!!
      Thanks love:)

  6. Awesome. As i go through your blog posts, Im discovering places I need to visit soon. Really surprised to hear that we have the backpackers here in Kenya. Awesome photos.

    1. Thanks thanks #TembeaKenya
      We’re blessed with so much and we don’t realize it….I was surprised as well…I didn’t know about backpackers in Kenya. They’re quite a number actually especially in the coast. I highly recommend SouthCoast Backpackers it’s amazing! You should check it out asap.

  7. 👌👌👌👌

    1. Thanks love

  8. What I wouldn’t do to snorkel right now!

    1. Hahaha i knoow!! especially with this bipolar weather in Nairobi


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