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I had the amazing opportunity to visit Europe a couple of weeks ago (If you follow me on social media i.e Instagram, Facebook and Twitter you probably know this already- if you don’ t please do- Instagram Facebook Twitter)  and I thought I should share some pictures here. We visited the Netherlands, Germany and France and spent a couple of hours in Switzerland.  All the cities we visited are picturesque.  Mentally planning a backpacking trip through Europe right now- money come my way!

Enjoy the pics.



Amsterdam Centraal train station




Tastiest fries I’ve had! Maybe it’s the chilling cold at 3 am or maybe they’re just tasty? I don’t know but you have to try them if you’ re in Amsterdam.

Fun Fact: Amsterdam has more than 100 kilometres of canals- that is about 90 islands and 1500 bridges!

Bucket list: Amsterdam

The Hague

Outside the ICC
The Peace Palace



Cologne, Germany

KAHR1336 (1)



Must see: Cologne Cathedral

Strasbourg, France

Outside the Council of Europe
Outside The European Parliament building
A beautiful cathedral
Strasbourg Cathedral
Front view of the cathedral



Out  of all the cities we visited Strasbourg remains my favourite. Never have I been to such a beautiful city! Some of the streets and buildings were so full of character. What blew my mind was the Strasbourg Cathedral. Imagine walking on a street, gazing at the busy shops, cute cafes, ice cream stalls and creperies and for a moment there you hear your stomach grumble to which you patiently ignore, trying not to stare at the artists sketching away caricatures at the same time trying to follow the sound of beautiful sound of music and right there standing majestically in front of you is a huge gothic church! You take a moment or two to take it all in, resisting the urge to take a photo because it could not possibly match the image in your eyes. Finally it all sinks in and you pick your jaw that was fallen minutes ago as you strike a pose or twenty for to remind you of the moment a building took your breath away.

Zurich, Switzerland

We spent the last hours of our trip in Zurich. It was a beautiful and sunny Sunday and the whole city seemed to be out and about. We hang around the scenic Lake Zurich soaking in the sun and enjoying distant views of the Swiss Alps.


While walking around, we saw a ferris wheel and we definitely could not pass an opportunity for a ride that has the best views of the city and lake.


We went on this ride which managed to make up the best and worst minutes of my week. It does not look like much but TRUST ME guys, the ride was a mix of adrenaline, screaming, fear, laughter and uncertainty. It was scary but fun- The first time.  The second time was a bit much- longest minutes of my life.

This ride should be called The Underdog

Comment below and let me know what you think. Any tips for back packing Europe? Places/ countries you’ d love to visit in Europe? Talk to me

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  1. Now let’s go to Britain and Ukraine. Those are my favourites.

    1. Ukraine. Interesting…Hadn’t crossed my mind but yeah!

  2. Awesome post! 😁

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    1. Thank you!

  4. Amazing pictures!👌🏾👌🏾I fell in love with the European architecture and Strasbourg was definitely my favorite as well. And yes yes yes to backpacking Europe!!

    1. Strasbourg was a dream😍 I can only imagine how beautiful the rest of the country is.
      Issa plan💃💃

    1. Thank you Ivy!

  5. This is soo cute…proud of u small siz…btw that part of swiss Alps……,do u have a closer pic of that?

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate
      No.I wish i did. They’ re so beautiful but The Swiss Alps are quite a distance from Zurich. We just saw the view.

  6. Long overdue!!Love it😍

    1. Thanks for checking out the post!

  7. This is so beautiful and a great read.For a moment it felt like i was with you on the trip,the photos

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      Amazing blog btw!

      1. thank you

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