High Flying

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to do something different, something fun and most importantly something to pump some adrenaline in my system. Exactly six days later,  a random thought popped up in my head and right before I could change my mind I called The Forest and booked a 2 line zip tour. Twenty minutes later I was out of the office and ready to go. I was actually afraid we’d get lost but the directions given on The Forest’s website are pretty straightforward. We finally arrived at The Forest and I was ready to zip line- or so I thought.


This oddly reminds me of The Flinstones

We were greeted by cheerful employees who pointed us to the reception. We made our way to the incredibly beautiful eco-friendly building that houses the restaurant and the reception.

Check out some of the photos of the restaurant and environs from The Art of Wanderlusting .Read a review of her experience on her blog.





Source: The Forest



There is a playground area right next to the restaurant and some bicycle trails.




Source: The Art of Wanderlusting
All strapped up

This was right after signing the liability waiver forms which gave me goose bumps. Some clauses were talking about dying and falling down on dangerous flora which almost made me chicken out. Did you know zip lines are referred to as death slides in some parts of the world?

After coming to terms with the risks that we might face, we were taken for a practice run on a mini zip line which was  more nerve-wracking than the actual run by the way. Way to calm my nerves! The instructors checked and fastened each person’s gear and answered all questions right after demonstrating how to actually ride a zip line.


Practice run

So off we went.

This is me wondering whether it was too late to back out.

Ready set go!

Flying without wings

At this point I was screaming my lungs out! Here I was gliding over canopies, air beneath my legs and for a split second everything stopped still and at that moment, that brief moment everything was perfect. Endless green hills, golden rays and a clear blue sky and for a second I forgot I was suspended in mid-air.


There I was flying high enjoying the view and in what seemed like a few seconds the ride was over. Immediately after everyone had crossed over to the other side we were prepared to go back- this time girls first!


Check out the view! Pics by Tevin



The second ride was way much better maybe because we knew what to expect but that did not make it any less exhilarating. Adrenaline still shoots through you, so much so that some of the people in our group decided to try some stunts. The thrill just incredible and right after I felt like I could conquer anything thrown my way!

If you have never gone for zip lining you definitely should! I highly recommend The Forest- very scenic zip line, amazing staff shout out to John and Ann!, and high safety standards so you know your life is in safe hands. It was so much fun i’m actually planning to go back with my friends this time to do the six lines and probably paintball.

Charges were shs 1500 for 2 lines and shs 2500 for six lines.

They have other adventure activities as well- Archery, Mountain biking, Nature walks, Paint balling,Fly fishing, Team building and Tree planting.

They also have fantastic offers for this month so do check them out and take the leap! Make sure you book earlier because the place gets packed especially on weekends and holidays. If you can go on a weekday do so but don’t forget to call prior to making your trip.

P.S This isn’t sponsored – I just had an incredible experience!

The Forest- http://www.theforest.co.ke/ and for bookings contact- 0711 11 22 33


Zip lining at The Forest was amazing and definitely the best birthday plan!

Ever been zip lining before? How was it? Planning to go on another adventure soon any activities you’d recommend? Comment below and let me know…

Push your limits and stay winning guys!


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  1. I have to do this when I am back. Fomo!

    1. Issa must!
      The thrill is incredible

  2. You have some nerves of steel girl😅….love the post. When I’m feeling indestructible I just might try it myself

    1. Nerves of steel? Haha I wish
      Girl the next time i’m going i’m dragging you with me

      1. You better

  3. Lovely post Muthoni! 🙂

    1. Thank you Christine!

  4. A well elaborated adrenaline punch – pun intended. I love how you told your experience is well narrated and the pictures bring the story to life.
    I on the other hand , have never tried this sport/experience – not planing to since am freaked out by heights, but funny thing is, I have this craving for sky diving and it has always been in my bucket list.

    1. Haha Thank you so much! You should imagine! Trust me you’ll even forget how high you are… Sky diving is a must- well the idea of jumping out of a plane freaks me out but yolo right?

  5. Love it!This is by far my best post. I desire so much to do The Forest after reading this.

    1. Thank you Betty!
      You should definitely go! Next weekend ata haha
      I’ll also drag you with me next time i go- No excuses

  6. Staycy Wangechi says: Reply

    Just read this, it’s amazing!!😍 Would you want to tag along next month💃, even if it is for the six lines, with me and bae?

    Have a nice read baby.

    1. Thanks girl!
      Haha inbox me asap!

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