New Beginnings!!

Helloooo theređź‘‹ I’m so excited I can barely write!!After procrastinating for about a year I’ve finally got the balls to write. Oh well !!I love travelling.It’s definitely my favourite past time.Travel has a way of opening up one’s mind;broadening one’s perspective of the world. With travel you’re constantly learning,whether its through nature,art,culture,language, music or people.Experiencing all these things in different places around the country or the world helps you appreciate life.Oh yeah, you also get major bragging rights lol!Yup,I guarantee it:D

-Travelling. Leaves you speechless,then turns you into a storyteller.-Ibn Battuta


Till next time!


4 Replies to “New Beginnings!!”

  1. Jinjaaaaaaa…… too bad you didn’t go bungee jumping….. no bragging rights there!!!! hehehe

    1. haha maaaaan..Im going Bungee jumping next month Kenya though

  2. I’m planning a trip to Uganda soon! Please let me know what places you would recommend. 🙂

    1. Uganda is amazing!I love it!!…Your email? Happy to help:)

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