Eyes on Kisumu

Hey guys! Last week I was in Kisumu and I had the most amazing time. I love when a place takes me by surprise and Kisumu did just that. I have tons of photos of the place which explains this photo diary. So do enjoy this in the meantime before I do a rundown of everything. […]

2017 Bucket List

I’ ve written and rewritten this post ten thousand times. Okay, many times. Fine, more than once. Thing is, I get so excited and overdo it then end up asking myself why I didn’ t just post a picture of a map of the world on Instagram. Granted, narrowing down dream places to travel to […]

Mama Rocks!

Mama Rocks Gourmet Burgers has been all the rage in Nairobi since it was opened up. From the raving reviews all over i just had to check it out.Started by Nigerian- Kenyan sister duo, Mama Rocks is largely shaping the Nairobi street food scene. Mama Rocks signature burgers are a celebration of Africa and a […]

I think I found the one…

Photography by Aska and Camilla My heart was beating fast. He was slowly approaching and i did not quite know what to do. I was excited and i am pretty sure my silly grin gave me away. He was so beautiful.Something out of a fantasy…And when he touched my hand, my heart melted. Bliss. Haha…Gotcha there […]

Sweet Escape

Living  in an urban jungle like Nairobi can take its toll on a person. The noise, fumes and hustle and bustle of any city can tire you. Recharging becomes necessary because our minds and bodies can only take so much. We are human. For me, the best way to recharge is to reconnect with nature. […]

Taste of Mwanza

Mwanza…Mwanza… Why a taste you ask? Well despite spending two weeks in Mwanza, I didn’t get to explore the city much as i hoped to and also because all i did was pretty much eat ha!But there is always a next time, I’m I right? I traveled by bus from Nairobi which is about 12 […]

Eyes on Dubai

So i was going through my albums and found these photos of Dubai and thought to put up a post.These are just a few photos as i lost 98% of my files when my laptop crashed last month.Lesson learnt = backup your files people!I cannot stress this enough!What was that saying again, the one about […]

Packing 101

Hello! Sorry for the hiatus.I’ ve been crazy busy over the past few weeks but anyway here we are. Easter is coming up and with every holiday comes travelling. So I’m sure you’ re all pretty pumped about seeing your loved ones, excited to have some chill time and you’ ve most probably made the […]

Student Budget Travel

So you love to travel, and because wanderlust is always calling you’re constantly on the road or at least planning your next adventure but your account is the enemy of progress huh!You’re not alone,I can relate (struggles of student travelers). Worry not!Here are some tips from Nelly of whisperywind.com that really come through. Guaranteed this […]

Turkana: Underrated Paradise

Photography by Mwenda Gitonga. Temperature: hot…really hot …you might wanna pack light clothing else roasting is real people! And do take Anti-malaria drugs before travelling…Mosquito repellent or bug spray would really come through. Few places can boast of being as vast and diverse as Turkana. Turkana, though hot is abundant in every sense of the […]