Taste of Mwanza


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Why a taste you ask? Well despite spending two weeks in Mwanza, I didn’t get to explore the city much as i hoped to and also because all i did was pretty much eat ha!But there is always a next time, I’m I right?

I traveled by bus from Nairobi which is about 12 hours on the road but there are flights to Mwanza from Nairobi and all over.

Some roadside views:





So here goes some of my favourite things about Mwanza:

  1. Mwanza is not called Rock City for nothing. Literally Mwanza has a whole lot of rocks which really do change the scenery.
pic from www.traveltotanzania.com
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Pic from Visit Tanzania’s Pinterest
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Pic from TripAdvisor

2.Mwanza is on the shores of Lake Victoria

This is pretty awesome because so many people depend on the lake for their livelihood, food, epic views, fresh air and beaches!





Major staple foods are Ugali, Msusa(pumpkin leaves), Fish and Beans. Local cuisine is really good and a must try.Fruits and vegetables are also easy to source and affordable. I love that you can get amazing street food here which is not only filling and delicious but also affordable.Hello, chips mayai!This is not only in Mwanza but all over Tanzania.


4.Cheap transport

There’s dala dalas(matatus basically),boda bodas(motor bikes) and tuk tuks(rickshaws) all over so it entirely depends on you. Taxis are also in large numbers.

  1. Friendly people

I never take kindness for granted especially in a new place because chances are you might need to ask for help at some point.In Mwanza people were so friendly, strangers would randomly just say Habari(How are you) or Mambo(Hi) and go about their businesses.It’ s such little things that make amazing experiences.

There’ s a little bit for everyone.I also love how you can travel to Mwanza on any budget, there’ s high end and budget choices for transport, accomodation,eating out and activities so you’ re good to go with whatever tickles your fancy.

And of course there’ s much more to see, do and eat in Mwanza.There’ s Ukerewe island, Saa Nane island(which also has a zoo), cultural centres, gold mines etc.

Mwanza is beautiful, i don’ t think i can emphasize that enough. It is definitely worth visiting!


For more photos check out some amazing photos of Mwanza.

Stay winning guys!

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