16 Stunning Airbnbs in Kajiado County

Updated in February 2024

Kajiado County is less than two hours away from Nairobi and is ideal for a weekend getaway. Stay at some of the best Airbnbs in Kajiado and enjoy privacy and spectacular views.

It is expansive, and vast, and is home to various wildlife species. Normalize luxury in your life friend, and here at OCD, we are all about luxe living on a budget. I searched for some of the best Airbnbs in Kajiado so you do not have to. This list has a mix of budget and luxe properties, all aesthetically pleasing and with access to breathtaking views. Most of the properties listed are perfect for groups.

Enough talk, let’s get to the good stuff…


Airbnbs in Kajiado County


  • An hour away from Nairobi is this eclectic and quirky space.

This unique pool house is a nice place to get away from busy city life. Nani’s place hosts up to 8 guests and charges $220 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 2,750 per person. The host also offers breakfast.



  • Catch breathtaking sunsets and views of Lake Magadi and beyond from this beautiful open-plan home. 

The Castle hosts up to 6 guests and charges Kshs.18,000 for six people per night. The Castle does not have a resident chef, however, they have a well-equipped kitchen where you can whip up your meals. Note that this property is not Child-Friendly, children under 15 years are not allowed due to the house’s location and design. Enjoy the spectacular views or hike to the nearby Masai caves.


  • The Dhow is a 1 bedroomed boat house located on the same property as the Castle. The property is inspired by the traditional Arabic Dhows used in the Coast and furnished with modern amenities with a Swahili touch. Escape to this unique home and enjoy the best views of Ngong Hills and the Rift Valley.

The Dhow is $95 per night and accommodates a maximum of two people, making it perfect for a romantic getaway or solocation. Note that you have to spend a minimum of two nights at the Dhow.


Champagne Ridge & Kona Baridi

  • Enjoy uninterrupted views of the Rift Valley on your romantic getaway to the Cave.

The Cave hosts up to 2 guests and charges $88 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 4,400 per person. Please note that the minimum stay is two nights.


  • Check out the Tower, their sister property here. It is a quaint two-storey cottage with the best views of Ngong Hills and beyond and it hosts up to 2 guests and charges $67 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 3,350 per person. The Tower is perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • Olohoro Onyore is a stylish house that offers magnificent views of the Rift Valley.

It hosts up to 6 guests and charges $295 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 4,917 per person. Please note that there are steep slopes and drops outside the property and it is therefore not suitable for smaller children under 6 years old.


  • Olohoro Ndogo is Olohoro Onyore’s sister property. Smaller and more intimate, offering the same amazing views and a tub carved out of a rock, where you can enjoy the sunset as you relax or count the stars as you sit around the fire pit.
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It hosts up to 4 guests and charges $195 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 4,875 per person. The property is not suitable for children 5 years and under.


  • This eco-friendly modern and stylish home offers the best indoor-outdoor living. Enjoy the jaw-dropping views from the multiple balconies and rooms in this beautiful home.

It hosts up to 8 guests and charges $464 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 5,800 per person. The property is eco-friendly and runs on solar power.


  • Catch the best views and sunsets from this spacious house perched on the edge of a cliff.

Twiga Tano house hosts up to 8 guests and charges $256 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 3,200 per person. The house comes with a gas stove, fridge, charcoal oven, baby cot, hammocks, a random assortment of books and magazines, and a Kuni booster for hot water (make sure to bring your firewood).


  • Enjoy sundowners from the deck of this beautiful open-plan container house. Try your hand at spotting the resident leopards if you dare!

The Container House hosts up to 4 guests and charges $120 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs.3,000 per person. You can get fresh goat’s milk daily for drinking or making cheese at Kshs. 500 per day. There is a vegetable patch on the property and picking vegetables from the veggie patch Kshs. 300 per day.


Near Namanga

  • Check out this beautiful cottage set at the foot of the mountain forest reserve Ol Donyo Orok. Have a dip at the plunge pool and count the stars at night in this expansive property.

It hosts up to 5 guests and charges $80 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 1,600 per person. Make sure you carry enough drinking water with you(10-15L). The property runs on solar power and high-consumption electric devices such as kettles, toasters, sub-woofers, hairdryers, microwaves, and blenders are not allowed. There is a medium-sized fridge but if you need to keep large amounts of food, carrying a cooler is recommended.


  • Catch the sunset as you enjoy a barbecue or take a dip in the plunge pool at this log cabin.

Olelek Ranch House hosts up to 14 guests and charges $350 per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 2,500 per person. The house has a fully equipped kitchen. Olelek Ranch uses solar power hence minimal electrical appliances such as mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers are recommended.



  • Wake up to spectacular views of Mt Kilimanjaro and herds of elephants from the deck overlooking the nearby waterhole. 

Amboseli Bush Camp can host up to 12 guests and charges $334 per night for the entire property, which is around Kshs 2,783 per person. The property has an airstrip. The hosts provide complimentary drinking water and all other food and drinks have to be brought by the guest. The kitchen is equipped with a freezer, clay oven, BBQ and gas cooker.

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  • Sleep in this gorgeous rustic bush camp and wake up to beautiful sunrises at Amboseli Bush Camp’s sister property.

It can host up to 8 guests and charges $351 per night for the entire property, which is around Kshs 4,388 per person.



  • Enjoy exclusivity and privacy in this gorgeous property overlooking a waterhole. Take a dip in the beautiful pool and enjoy views of Pelewa Hills.

Tandala House can host up to 10 guests and charges $441 per night for the entire property, which is around Kshs 4,410 per person. Tandala does not offer the services of a cook, the place is exclusively on a self-catering basis. The house staff is on hand to assist with preparation and washing up if need be. The Kitchen is fully equipped with a solar fridge, freezer and gas cooker. The hosts provide essentials such as dried herbs/spices, salt, washing-up paste, bath soaps, and toilet paper.

Note that their generator runs from 6.30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Electricity is only available during these hours. If guests would like the generator to run until midnight (latest) then guests have to pay Kshs. 500/- for the extra hour. You can enjoy a relaxing massage, go on a game drive to Amboseli National Park, visit a WW1 historical site, or take walks near the property. Pets are not allowed.


  • Start your morning by swimming in the beautiful pool right outside your room at Little Tandala, Tandala House’s sister property.

It can host up to 6 guests and charges $381 per night for the entire property, which is around Kshs 6,350 per person. The property runs on solar. Charcoal is provided and the water from the taps is safe to drink. Note that pets are not allowed.


  • Spacious, colourful and eco-friendly are a few words to describe Olomaiyana Private Bush Camp. Enjoy wildlife viewings and the stunning infinity pool, not forgetting the airy rooms.

It can host up to 12 guests and charges $481 per night for the entire property, which is around Kshs 4,008 per person. A massage can be arranged at an extra cost. The property is solar powered and the water is safe to drink. The kitchen is fully equipped including a solar freezer, a gas oven, a gas BBQ, a safari oven, and a charcoal pizza oven in the outdoor kitchen. Horse riding is available at $12 for 1 to 2 hours.



  • WindyMills Cottage- this quaint tiny home has sweeping views of the Ngong Hills and is the perfect affordable escape from Nairobi. Find more information about the cottage here.
  • Ol Talet Cottages– these beautiful houses are located in Kiserian near Ole Polos and therefore have sweeping views of the Rift Valley as well as a gorgeous infinity pool that is calling your name.

Both Ol Talet and Oloika Houses can host up to six people each and they both are Kshs 30, 000($300) per night for the entire house, which comes to around Kshs 5,000 per person. The listing is no longer on Airbnb but you can find more information here.

  • Lerruat Log Resort
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This beautiful cabin-style hotel is located on the road to Namanga, between Kajiado and Bisil. Here you will enjoy the best views of the surroundings. Prices start from Kshs 12,000 per person per night on full board.


Things to Note about Airbnbs

  • Prices indicated do not include service charges, meals, and transport. Most of these places are on a self-catering basis and if they do have a chef or access to fresh produce from their gardens, you would have to pay extra.
  • All properties offer essentials such as bedding, towels, soap, and kitchen essentials such as utensils, cooking pots, spices, and gas cookers. Pack personal items, food, and drinks.
  • Most, if not all of these properties are located off-road therefore a 4WD vehicle or a car with high ground clearance would be best. It would also be better and easier to travel during the dry season for the same reasons. Make sure you call ahead to ask about the state of the roads and to ask for directions.
  • When visiting Airbnbs be mindful and keep the place in the state you found it. So pick up after yourselves and do not litter. Remember that it is someone’s home after all.
  • Photos put up on this post are sourced from the listings on Airbnb, I do not own them.

Things to do in Kajiado County

Kajiado County is huge and expansive with plenty of things to see and do.

  • See remains of the early man at the Olorgessaile Prehistoric site.
  • Hike up Ngong Hills and enjoy views of Nairobi and Kajiado. Entry fees to Ngong Hills is Kshs 200 for citizens.
  • Conquer your fears and Zipline and go Quad Biking at the Kompass in Ngong Hills for Kshs 1,000 for each activity.
  • Go on a game drive to the Land of the Giants, Amboseli.
  • Enjoy delicious nyama choma at Olepolos Country Club.
  • Learn more about glassmaking at Kitengela Hot Glass and if you are daring, walk on the shaky 100 m high bridge.

The Airbnbs in Champagne Ridge have stolen my heart. Scratch that, all homes on this list! You can find a bonus find here and more Airbnbs in Kajiado County here.

Grab your family/ friends, book yourself a beautiful home for the weekend, enjoy the attractions nearby, or just chill and have yourself the perfect getaway in Kajiado.

Which Airbnb would you love to visit and who would you take with you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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