5 Hidden Gems in Kenya you have to visit


Destinations to add to your Kenya bucket list

Planning a trip to Kenya? Or are you looking for places to travel to within Kenya? Here is a list of some amazing places to visit. Forget Mombasa and Maasai Mara. This list will take you to some lesser-known gems in the country.


A huge number of people associate Kenya with safaris-with good reason, so it is fit to start off this list with a safari destination. Located in northern Kenya and is home to the Samburu people and quite a number of game sanctuaries.

That said, you can expect to spot the big five and vast beautiful landscapes while on a game drive. Herds of elephants are a common sight as well as basking crocodiles along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River. If the beautiful sights and sunsets do not make you want to pack your bags already, I’m pretty sure the rich Samburu culture will.

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Crescent Island, Naivasha

Naivasha is Kenya’s camping country. It is perfect for a day trip or weekend out of town. There are many places to camp one of them being Crescent Island. Here, you can walk among wild animals within and get to enjoy amazing views of Lake Naivasha. For more information check out their page.

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Aberdare Ranges

The Aberdares are a group of mountain ranges within central Kenya. They are beautiful, to say the least, and are home to elephants amongst other rare plant and animal species such as the elusive Melanistic leopards.

Within the Aberdares are beautiful waterfalls and lush green forests. Day trips and hikes are ideal. You can also book a game drive and camp within the national park.

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Lake Chala

Located on the border between Tanzania and Kenya, this natural lake is a beautiful getaway. Its waters come from Mt. Kilimanjaro and you can enjoy breathtaking views of Africa’s tallest peak. You can swim in its blue waters or enjoy the scenery.

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A trip to Kenya is not complete without heading down to the coast. Kilifi is located along the Kenyan coast, north of Mombasa. It is known for its beautiful beaches from Bofa to Malindi. It is also home to archaeological ruins, marine parks, and mangrove forests. Check out Watamu, a town in Kilifi here.

Do check out these gems when planning your Kenyan trip!

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