Affordable things to do in Nairobi (under $5)

Sometimes people think that they would need millions to afford to travel. Travel does not have to be expensive. While travel is an expense in itself, you can do it on a budget without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to travel on a budget is to try out activities in your city. Here are some affordable things to do in Nairobi for Kshs 500 ($5) and under.


Affordable things to do in Nairobi:


If you are looking to clear your head within the city, a walk or picnic in Uhuru Park, Central Park, Michuki Memorial Park, Uhuru Gardens and City Park may just be what you need. The best part- is it’s free. Note that you may have to pay parking fees, which is Kshs 200 at Uhuru Gardens. A picnic at Arboretum is an excellent affordable option, the entrance fee is Kshs 50.

For more of a challenge, stretch your muscles by walking at Oloolua Nature Trail and Karura Forest. You can pack a picnic with you, take your pet for a walk, go jogging, ride bikes(at Karura) and even chase waterfalls.

There is a fantastic restaurant on-site at Karura Forest, The River Cafe.

Entry fees:

Karura Forest– Ksh 100 for adult citizens and Ksh 50 for citizen children and parking is Kshs 200.

Bicycle riding in Karura- Ksh 500 for two hours.

Oloolua Nature Trail

Citizen Rates- Kshs 200 for adults, Kshs 100 for children, and Kshs 5000 per group of 10 people. Camping at night is Kshs 2000 for adults and Kshs 1000 for children.

Residents-Kshs 200 for adults and Kshs 100 for children.

Non-Resident- Kshs 400 for adults and Kshs 200 for children.



Nairobi is the only city that has a national park within it. Wildlife forms part of the Nairobi equation.

Nairobi National Park

Try your hand at spotting big game on a game drive at the Nairobi National Park. Entry fees- Kshs 430 and Kshs 215 for adults and children respectively. I visited the place a while back, and read about my experience here.

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Nairobi Safari Walk

Take a walk and see rehabilitated wild animals from a wooden platform at the Nairobi Safari Walk for Kshs 215 and Kshs 125 for adult citizens and children respectively. I visited the place a while back, and read about my experience here.

Animal Orphanage

You can also visit the animal orphanage to see and learn more about adopted and rehabilitated wild animals. The entrance fee is Kshs 200 for adults and Kshs 100 for children.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Learn more about orphaned baby elephants and the work done in raising and reintegrating them back into the wild at the DSWT for Kshs 500.

AFEW Giraffe Centre

Feed and kiss the most graceful creatures at the Giraffe Centre for Kshs 400 for adults and Kshs 200 for children. Read more about the Centre here.

Snake Park

Learn more about snakes and other reptiles at the Snake Park for Kshs 200 (adult citizens).

Mamba Village

You can carry baby crocodiles and learn more about crocodiles, ostriches, and Tortoises at Mamba Village at Ksh 150 for adults and children pay Ksh 100 (Kenyan Citizens).

Stedmak Gardens

Stedmak Gardens in Karen has a mini snake park and exotic birds and wild animals in their zoo. The entrance fee is Ksh 400.

Fun/ Recreational

Uhuru Park

For a fun ride with views of Nairobi’s beautiful skyline, go on a boat ride in Uhuru Park for Kshs 100.

Amusement Parks

There are quite several amusement parks in the city where you can let your inner child out. Most rides range between Ksh 100 to Ksh 500 depending on where you go. Lunar parks are in Pangani, Rock City and Shark Palace on Kiambu Road, Haile Selassie Avenue in the CBD and Nyama Villa in Komarock.

Stedmark Gardens

Located in Karen, Stedmark offers a variety of activities. Some of the activities include:

Racing cars – Kshs 500

A Ferris wheel – Kshs 500

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Electric boat rides – Kshs 500

Virtual reality games – Kshs 500 per game


Most malls in the city have Theme parks and play areas for kids.

The best bet would be bowling at Village Market, Pins Entertainment in Sarit Centre, Strikez at Westgate, Strike Arcade at Waterfront Mall or PlayLand Amusement Park at NextGen Mall, Mombasa Road.


Laser Tag

Enjoy an exhilarating game of Laser tag at ABC Place.


1 Game of Laser Tag- Kshs 500 per player and for Groups of 8 or more – Kshs 400 per player

Culture/ Educational/ History

For the history and culture crowd interested to learn more about the country, some museums you can visit in the city are:

The Nairobi National Museum– The entrance fee for Kenyan adult citizens is Kshs 200.


The Nairobi Gallery– Kshs 150 for adults and Kshs 100 for children for Kenyan Citizens, Residents- Adults Kshs 600, Children Kshs 400 and Non-Residents- Kshs 1,000 for Adults and Kshs 500 for Children.

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Memorial Park Museum and Gardens- Kshs 30

The Kenya National Archives – Kshs 50 and Kshs 20 for adult citizens and children respectively and Kshs 200 for non-citizens

The Railway Museum- Kshs 100 for Citizens and Kshs 400 for Residents.

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Via Kenya Sights

The Karen Blixen Museum- Adults Kshs 200 and Children Kshs 100 for Kenyan Citizens.

The United Nations Office in Nairobi organises tours that are open to the public.  Rates- Kshs 500 for adults and Kshs 300 for students. Book a tour here.

Take a trip down colonial Nairobi by going on the Sarova Heritage Tour which is offered by the Sarova Stanely Hotel for free. Read Marion’s experience here.

Nairobi Views

Catch 360-degree views of the city at the KICC helipad for Kshs 200 for East African citizens, Kshs 300 for Residents and Kshs 500 for Non-Residents.

See Nairobi from Africa’s tallest Ferris wheel, Eye of Africa at Two Rivers Mall for Kshs 500.


*The Kenya Regiment Rifle Club aka the shooting range charge students Kshs 550.

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*If you prefer spending time indoors watching a good movie or binge-watching your favourite show,  Nyumba Cinema is perfect. Prices are Kshs  2,500- Kshs 4,000 per hour (depending on the day and time) to book the theatre and the maximum number of people allowed in is 15, so it is a good deal – depending on how big your group is. Visit their website for more details.

*You can go to Paradise Lost in Kiambu for a picnic with beautiful views, sights and sounds of waterfalls. They charge Kshs 400 for adults and Kshs 300 for children as entry fees and you can zip line for Kshs 1,000.


  • Most of the rates listed are for Kenyan citizens. Rates for residents and non-citizens vary and are slightly higher. These rates are also subject to change so make sure to check from time to time in case the prices are revised.
  • When visiting the National Park and/or Animal Orphanage (and generally any other National Park in the country, payment is made via Card, MPesa, or Direct deposit to KWS bank accounts as KWS does not allow cash payments.

Valentine’s Day is coming up this month, which activity are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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Here are some practical tips to help you travel on a budget.

Those are affordable things to do in Nairobi under Kshs 500/ $5.

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