Exhilarating Go Karting Adventure at Redhill Karting: All You Need to Know

I have been craving an adrenaline rush and this is precisely what I experienced during my recent escapade to Redhill Karting with a group of friends. Imagine an afternoon filled with excitement, fierce competition, and the thrill of high-speed racing. Just like my unforgettable first-time go-karting experience, this adventure left me exhilarated and hungry for more.

Watch what happened here.

Here is everything you need to know before embarking on your go-karting journey at Redhill Karting.

RedHill Karting


Redhill Karting Location

Located in the idyllic Redhill in the Kianjogu area along Limuru Road, the route to the place offers picturesque views of the surrounding tea farms.

Getting There

Redhill Karting is easily accessible by both public and private means. If using public means, board matatu Number 114 at Khoja and alight at Bustani Gardens stage. If using private means, you can access the place via Limuru Road or the Northern Bypass. To ensure a smooth trip, I recommend using navigation tools such as Google Maps.

First Impressions

Arriving at RedHill Karting, the excitement in the air is palpable. You are greeted by murals of race cars adorning the fence surrounding the property, the winding race track and manicured lawns.

The track overlooks rolling hills, lush tea farms and the Nairobi cityscape in the distance.

RedHill Karting

The racing theme is apparent throughout the property, from the decor to the menu items at the restaurant.

The Experience

The check-in process is hassle-free, you choose your racing duration – 10, 20, or 30 minutes – depending on your adrenaline appetite, then pay. We chose the last time slot at 6:30 pm and opted for the 10-minute race, knowing that every second on the track would be an exciting adventure.

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After paying, we signed waivers, got kitted and received a safety briefing. Please note that go-karting is a risky activity! The team at Redhill Karting provided clear instructions, ensuring everyone felt at ease.

Behind the Wheel: The Thrill of Go Karting

Sliding behind the wheel of a go-kart is like stepping into a world of speed, precision, and competition. As you navigate the track, you will quickly discover that these karts are designed for both beginners and those with a need for speed. Safety Marshalls are stationed at different points in the track, ensuring your safety throughout the experience.

RedHill Karting

The Heart-Pounding Action: Unleashing the Racer Within

The green flag drops and the roar of engines fills the air. The sensation of acceleration and the rush of wind against your face is nothing short of electrifying.

RedHill Karting

The karts at Redhill Karting are low to the ground, creating an intense feeling of connection with the track, making each twist and turn a thrilling challenge. And just like that, you are immersed in a world where reflexes and strategy combine, and the exhilaration of racing against your friends becomes an addiction.

Snaking along the track with the backdrop of a setting sun was the perfect way to end the day.

RedHill Karting

Beyond the Race: Making Memories

As the final lap comes to an end and the checkered flag is waved, the rush of emotions is indescribable. Gathered with friends, you will relive every daring manoeuvre, every near-miss, and every victorious overtake. This camaraderie turns the thrilling activity into a shared memory that binds you even closer. The experience is not just about racing; it is about creating lasting connections and celebrating the joy of the journey.

RedHill Karting

RedHill Karting Rates


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10 Minutes- Kshs 2,500

20 Minutes- Kshs 4,500

30 Minutes- Kshs 6,500

Groups of 10 and more people– 10% off on weekends and 20% off on weekdays

They currently have a Summer Camp for the little ones.

Redhill Karting is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Things to Note about Go-Karting at Redhill Karting

  • Rates are inclusive of the Racing Kart, Safety Gear, Equipment, Tools, and Fuel.
  • You can either book your trip before or show up. If you choose to walk in without a booking, bear in mind the fact that there may be other groups present so you may lack the freedom to choose your preferred time slot. Also, consider the fact that weekends and public holidays are busier than weekdays.
  • Please note that the last time slot is at 6:30 pm, they do not hold night races. Please keep that in mind when booking.
  • They have an on-site restaurant with spectacular views of the track, where you can enjoy refreshments as you watch the races. It is a good spot to spectate and catch the sunset.
RedHill Karting


  • Safety is paramount and whilst the team is on stand-by in case of any incidents, it is best to be careful to avoid any accidents. You can get hurt easily if you do not.
  • If you love sunsets, schedule your trip or book a 6 pm slot.
  • Per usual, have fun. Channel your inner Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen and indulge in the experience. I highly recommend go-karting with a group whether friends and/or family so that you can race. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.
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For more information check here. For booking and general inquiries contact Redhill Karting at 0717800120 or email them.

RedHill Karting

Go Karting in Kenya

It is a great starting point for people interested in motorsports. You can do it professionally as a career, as a sport or as a hobby. It is a fantastic way to unwind and I highly recommend go-karting. I enjoyed my experience and cannot wait to go back.

Other places in Kenya where you can partake in Go Karting are GP Karting on Lang’ata Road, MadMax Karting in Two Rivers Mall and the Waterfront MallWhistling Morans in Athi River, Eastern Ark Hotel on Kangundo Road in Malaa, TGRV Circuit in Mai Mahiu,  Mombasa Go-Kart in Mombasa and Chaka Ranch in Chaka, Nanyuki.


Go-karting is a fun adventure activity that you should try if you have not yet had the chance to. Try it over a weekend and/or celebrate a milestone or event. It is an experience you will live to remember. Whether you are a seasoned racer or a novice eager to dive into the world of motorsports, Redhill Karting promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you craving more.

Comment down below and let me know who you would take with you.

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Remember to always seek discomfort and until next time, Bye!

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