Unveiling Njine Kabia: A Thrilling Adventure Off the Beaten Path

Photography by Andrew and yours truly

Nestled in the lush Kirinyaga countryside lies a thundering beauty, Njine Kabia Waterfall. Relatively lesser known compared to Kenya’s more popular destinations makes the place all the more special. While the star of the show is the Waterfall, Njine Kabia Resort hosts fun and thrilling activities for adventure junkies.

Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect at Njine Kabia.

Here is all you need to know about Njine Kabia.



Njine Kabia Resort is located at Kiabarikiri village in Kirinyaga.

Getting There

The destination is well-mapped on Google Maps so navigation should not be a hassle. The road is tarmacked up until the last ten-minute stretch which is a Murram road. A 2WD can make it. Because the falls are located downhill, you would have to leave your vehicle parked and trek to the resort on foot.

If using public transport, board a matatu to Kerugoya town. From town, you can take a taxi or motorbike to Njine Kabia.

First Impressions

Njine Kabia Falls

The trek down to the waterfall is steep but they have put up man-made staircases and rails to hold on to. Njine Kabia Resort is located at the base of the waterfall, so you do not have to leave the premises to access it.

The waterfall is hard to miss, and the first thing you will notice is the towering beauty. The grounds are green and lush and the sound of the roaring waterfall and rushing river serenade you, drawing you closer to it. There are swinging hammocks, picnic tables, monkey bars, a raised platform for camping and a swing set.

Njine Kabia Falls


We spent some time marvelling at the waterfall before getting into the activities. We opted to start with the scary stuff and get it out of the way. First on the agenda was the wild swing.

Wild Swing

The swing is essentially a rope tied onto a branch of a Mugumo tree (Fig Tree) which is harnessed onto your body. (FYI: Mugumo Trees are some of the oldest trees, sacred to the Gikuyu community.)

Once secured you are pushed and swung back and forth.

Njine Kabia Falls

I was terrified, to say the least, but this was not my first rodeo, on here we do hard things and seek discomfort. I was confident that it would be a lot better than some of the crazy things that I have done such as bungee jumping.

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After I was all strapped up, I was flung into the air.

It was exhilarating and so freeing. It’s ironic how we plunge ourselves into danger just to get a taste of freedom. It was a fantastic feeling and I swang four times. The first swing gives you an adrenaline rush and thereafter you feel free, to let go, relax and admire the view.

Monkey Bars/ BootCamp

Up next was a BootCamp activity, which is made up of an obstacle course and monkey bars atop a mud pit. I opted out of this and instead chilled on the hammocks. The boys had a blast though but they reckon it would be more fun if done by a group.

Njine Kabia Falls
Njine Kabia Falls

Hammock Swing and Normal Swing

The normal swing is placed beside the waterfall so you get a lovely view of the falls and the rest of the Resort. Because it’s by the Falls, it does get wet and the water often splashes into it. I enjoyed swinging but could not stay long because of the mist.

The hammocks are a lovely touch to the Resort and make for a cute chilling spot. The view of the waterfall from the hammocks is the best part and you can relax, read a book or nap.


Njine Kabia Waterfall has a tiny natural pool at the base of the waterfall that you can swim in. The pool gets deeper during the rainy season and the rocks by it are very slippery so it is best to exercise caution. The water is also freezing, as the river originates from Mt Kenya.

Njine Kabia Falls

Activities to do at Njine Kabia

  • Get your adrenaline fix at the Wild Swing
  • Test your limits at the Bootcamp
  • Chill at the Hammocks
  • Relax at the Normal Swing
  • Swim in the natural pool (duff mpararo)
  • Enjoy a picnic on the grounds
  • Take in the beautiful view of Njine Kabia Waterfall
  • Hike to the nearby waterfalls (four)
  • Try your hand at Archery
  • Spend the night Camping/ Glamping at the premises and have a bonfire
  • Bond through Team Building Activities

Njine Kabia Rates

Njine Kabia Resort charges Kshs 1,100 which is inclusive of all the activities. For people who may want to access the place and not necessarily do the activities, they charge an entrance fee of Kshs 400.

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The bed and breakfast rate for sleeping in the pods is Kshs 5,500 and Archery is Kshs 500 for fifteen minutes.

They charge extra for the hikes to the nearby waterfalls.

Things to Note about Njine Kabia

  • The Waterfall is located at the premises and because of the volume of water and its height, it tends to splash water around it, making the grounds muddy. Ensure you wear shoes that have a good grip or Gumboots/Wellingtons to avoid slipping.
  • The place is cold and wet, so ensure you dress warmly. If it’s the rainy season, ensure you wear waterproof clothing and shoes.
  • Because of the nature of activities and muddy grounds, make sure you carry a change of clothes and wear clothes that you do not mind soiling.
  • The Premises has poor network coverage so be mindful of that.
  • There is no restaurant on site. Carry snacks or your meals and have a picnic. Alternatively, place an order before your trip so they can organise a meal for you or pass by the local restaurants in the nearby Kerugoya town.
  • Make sure you call ahead of your trip to book. Contact Mwangi at 0716 264 529.
  • Weekends are usually packed so ensure you book beforehand or if possible, visit on a weekday.
  • Have fun and a spirit of adventure! Be ready to have a good time, let loose and let your inner child free.


Whenever I visit such underrated places I often wonder why we do not hear much about them or know them. There’s a lot to see and do in Kenya outside the typical tourist trail and I would encourage you to visit such lesser-known destinations and spread the word about them. In the same breath, I am aware of the negative effects that tourism can have on a destination.

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I would therefore urge you to treat the places you visit and destinations with respect. Do not litter or harm the surrounding environment and buy from local establishments. We must preserve the natural beauty of such destinations.

Suffice it to say, Njine Kabia Resort is a lovely place, perfect for adventure seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The activities are thrilling and there is something for everyone. I had an incredible time! It’s a serene place mixed with a touch of excitement, which makes for a winning formula in my books.

The host Mwangi is an amazing person and he ensured we were well taken care of. The staff was lovely as well and kind. Service was A1.

I highly recommend visiting Njine Kabia!

Keep winning, stay safe and until next time, Bye!

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