20 Enchanting Airbnbs in Naivasha

Less than 3 hours away from Nairobi, Naivasha is the perfect weekend getaway destination. Boat riding, rock climbing, hiking, and relaxing are some of the things you can do in Kenya’s camping country. Airbnbs are the perfect accommodation choice in Naivasha. Get privacy, comfort, and convenience all at good rates. Planning a trip to Naivasha? Below are some stunning Airbnbs in Naivasha that would be ideal for a weekend stay. This list has a mix of budget and luxe properties, all charming and with unique features. Most of the properties listed are perfect for groups.

Airbnbs in Naivasha

Luxe on a Budget

  • Honeymoon Hut

This house offers the perfect romantic escape from busy city life. Enjoy sweeping views of the Malewa River as you enjoy breakfast on the deck. Relax in the tub, sit by the fireplace and go hiking if you fancy. The house is $107 per night.


  • Luxury Tent

This luxury tent is located right by Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloiden, so you can expect scenic views and wildlife sightings. The hosts provide breakfast and there is a well-equipped modern kitchen for guests to use. The tent sleeps 4 people at $138 per night, which comes to around Kshs.3,450 per person. Please note that the minimum stay is two nights.


  • The Dairy
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha

This lovely barn-turned-country home is located within a wildlife sanctuary on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha. Enjoy walks on the property or a dip in the pool. Enjoy an alfresco breakfast as you watch the animals grazing (zebras, giraffes, warthogs, impalas, and gazelles). Note that you have to pay a fee to enter the Sanctuary as well as a daily fee of $10 for WiFi. The house sleeps 6 guests and charges $450 per night for the entire home, which comes to about $75 per person.


  • Longonot Loft

This modern eco-friendly home is located near Lake Naivasha and offers sweeping views of Mt.Longonot. The house is 100% solar-powered and kettles and hairdryers are not allowed. You can be sure to find zebras, impalas, and giraffes on the property. The house hosts up to 5 guests and is $176 per night which comes to around Kshs.3,520 per person.


Group Trip

  • Kiira Cottage
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha
  • Airbnbs in Naivasha

This stunning rustic cottage is an amazing weekend getaway location. Catch beautiful sunsets, take a dip in the pool, have sun-downers by the pool, light bonfires, and play indoor games with your loved ones. The house hosts up to 10 people and is $400 per night for the entire house which comes to $40 per person. Horse riding can be arranged although intermediate riding skills are required. Guests can enjoy a guided tour of the ranch and enjoy wildlife and bird watching. There is a chef available for hire.

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  • The Lake House at Sungura

This lovely property is located by the edge of Lake Naivasha. Enjoy indoor-outdoor living the Naivasha way; with views of Lake Naivasha and wildlife grazing around you. The house hosts up to 8 guests and is $261 per night for the entire place, which comes to around shs.3,263 per person.


  • Francolin Cottage

Francolin Cottage is a cosy and tastefully decorated home located in The Great Rift Valley Lodge. Guests can access the GRVL swimming pool and grounds. Enjoy country living with a slice of views of the Aberdare Ranges and proximity to Naivasha’s prime attractions. The house sleeps 7 guests and is $166 per night for the whole house, which comes to around shs.2,371 per person.


  • Kilimandege House

Right by Lake Naivasha and within Kilimandege Sanctuary is this beautiful home. The entire house sleeps up to 12 guests and is $428 which comes to around shs.3,567 per person.


  • Leleshwa House

If the spacious rooms Afro-designed rooms do not convince you to book your stay, I hope the solar-heated pool does the trick. Leleshwa house hosts up to 8 guests at $333 which comes to around Kshs. 4,163. There is a gym on the property. The hosts provide bedding and towels. The kitchen is well-equipped and there are herbs, spices, cooking oil, and condiments available. They also supply fresh bread rolls or a cake on arrival and milk, tea, and coffee when guests arrive. You can hire a chef for Kshs.1,500 per day. Please note that the minimum stay is two nights.


  • Enkuso Ntelon

This property boasts spectacular views of the Malewa River and beyond. Airy and spacious, it accommodates groups with ease. It can host up to 14 guests and charges $208 which comes to around shs.1,486 per person. Please note that the minimum stay is three nights.


  • Lucita Farm Guest House

Located right by the edge of Lake Naivasha is this cosy cottage. Enjoy sundowners by the pool or play some tennis. The cottage is also home to two dogs and two horses. The house sleeps 6 guests and is $295 per night, which comes to around shs.4,917.

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  • Shwari Cottages

These rustic cottages are located on a private ranch and offer spectacular views of the Aberdares, Mt Longonot and Lake Naivasha. Swim as you watch wildlife and if you’re lucky safari rallies. The cottage can host up to 6 guests and is $250.


  • Tranquil Villa

This home offers a quiet and serene escape from busy city life. It is located in the Great Rift Valley Lodge. The entire home is $140 per night for 6 guests which comes to around $23.


Unique Stays

  • The Folly

The Folly is set within a game sanctuary right next to the lake. Enjoy frequent visits from wildlife grazing and watch hippos bathing in the lake. The house hosts two guests and is $80, which is $40 per person. The house is fully self-catering.


  • Milima House/ The Bus

The Bus is a converted matatu and can sleep two people comfortably. This quirky space overlooks Mt. Longonot and the outdoor shower elevates the whole experience. The Bus hosts 2 guests and is $50 per night, which is $25 per person.



Twiga House sits right by the edge of Lake Oloiden. Wake up to magical sunrises and hippos bellowing. The main house (sleeps up to 5 people in 3 bedrooms)-23,000 KES ($230) per night (Min. 2 nights). You can opt to hire the resident Chef at shs.3,000 per day or buy and cook your own meals.

Located opposite Buffalo Mall in Naivasha, Symphony Hotel is easily accessible and near all the main attractions. The hotel offers bed and breakfast and rates start from Kshs. 3,000 per person.

  • Eseriani Resort
Staying at Eseriani the Resort

This is another excellent option for travellers looking to travel luxe on a budget. The hotel is conveniently located along Moi South Rd near the major attractions. Read more about this hotel here.

Things to Note about Airbnbs

  • Prices indicated do not include service charges, meals, and transport. Most of these places are on a self-catering basis and if they do have a chef or access to fresh produce from their gardens, you would have to pay extra.
  • Ask the hosts what measures they are taking to ensure guest safety. When you do travel please sanitise, keep social distance, and wear your mask.
  • Most, if not all of these properties are located off-road therefore a 4WD vehicle or a car with high ground clearance would be best. It would also be better and easier to travel during the dry season for the same reasons. Make sure you call ahead to ask about the state of the roads and to ask for directions.
  • Buy your food, drinks, and other necessities before you get to the properties as most are located away from town.
  • If you are travelling solo, filter your search on Airbnb to Private Room rather than Entire Place. However, feel free to book an entire place if you wish to.
  • Before booking a property, make sure you read the house rules, and property description, check the photos, and most importantly, read the reviews.
  • Confirm rates as they are subject to change depending on the season.
  • Payment and communication with the hosts are done exclusively via the Airbnb website or app for safety purposes.
  • When visiting Airbnbs be mindful and keep the place in the state you found it. So pick up after yourselves and do not litter. Remember that it is someone’s home after all.
  • Photos put up on this post are sourced from the listings on Airbnb, I do not own them.
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Things to do in Naivasha

There is plenty to do in this lakeside city depending on your likes and budget. Here are some fun and affordable activities you can do while in Naivasha.

These Airbnbs in Naivasha are all beautiful and worth a visit. Most of them are near Lake Naivasha and Mt. Longonot. Find more properties in Naivasha here. Grab your friends/family, book your stay, go on a road trip, and enjoy a memorable stay in Naivasha.

Which Airbnb would you love to visit and who would you take with you? Have you been to any of these properties? Let me know in the comments section below.

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