The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this season.

Holidays are almost always synonymous with giving and receiving gifts. However, finding the perfect gifts for loved ones can be overwhelming. Below is a list of items that are perfect for any occasion, that you can gift a traveller in your life or that you can cop for yourself.


Travel Bags

Everyone needs a sturdy, spacious and comfortable bag when travelling. Depending on your budget and style, there are a variety of good quality travel bags made by Kenyan brands such as Azana CollectiveSandstorm and Denri Africa.

Packing Cubes also make great gifts as they save on space while packing items in a bag or suitcase.

Packing cubes

Notable Mentions:

Makeup bag, Cable organizer, Camera bag


Comfort is key when travelling and a travel pillow is essential in easing the physical discomfort one experiences during travels.

pillow amazon.jpg

A stylish passport cover that protects your most valuable document as well as a luggage tag to help you identify your luggage.

Have you ever searched for your documents in your bag and ended up holding a queue, flustered at customs? Don’t be that person. Avoid panic attacks and have all your documents, tickets and passport in one place by using a travel wallet.


Find a similar wallet by Beis Travel here.

Get your loved one a power bank, because let us be honest, there is nothing as annoying as having your devices on low battery, especially in transit. Power banks are essential in ensuring you stay connected to your devices. Remember that you can only catch up on some reading, entertain yourself with a movie, chat with loved ones, do some work or carry out transactions on a charged phone.

Power bank.jpg

You can find power banks at Miniso and most electronics outlets.

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A Notebook or Planner is great for travellers who love to write and document their thoughts and ideas.

For the readers, a Kindle is a great idea to enjoy reading on the go. It is lightweight and houses millions of books and audiobooks for those who prefer listening to reading.


Most people beat boredom while travelling by either listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks or watching shows however background noise can be distracting. Buy wireless headphones or AirPods for your loved one to drown out background noise and elevate their entertainment experience.

Spruce up your loved one’s camera by buying them a camera strap.

Camera strap.jpg

Perhaps the most important item is an external hard drive, for them to store footage from their travels or generally to store any digital files they may have.

Hard drive.jpg

Notable mentions:

A camera (if they have been eyeing one, or a beginner DSLR ) or A GoPro camera for the adventurous traveller.

Beauty and Skin Care

Per airport regulations and generally, to save on space, liquid products in carry-on luggage should be less than 100 ml. Having travel-sized items is a great time saver instead of having to pour out products into smaller containers. You can gift your loved ones travel-sized makeup, fragrances, hair and skincare products.

calvin klein.jpg

Alternatively, you can buy them a set of travel-sized refillable containers for their liquid products or atomizers for their fragrances. You can find these at Miniso, Jumia or Amazon.



Lastly, you can opt to gift them by taking them on an experience, a trip or buying them plane tickets. You can also buy them vouchers to enjoy an experience, for example, vouchers for a session at Nyumba Cinema. This could be as simple as paying for their entrance fees to a park or taking them on an adventure activity that they have yet to try such as zip-lining.

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*Such a gift would especially be appreciated by persons whose primary love language is quality time.

P.S. You can purchase most of these items from Jumia, Miniso, House of Leather and Amazon. Click on the links provided to see or buy similar products. 

I hope this list helps you in finding the perfect gift for the traveller in your life.

Comment down below with what idea you love the most and what you would also gift yourself.

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  1. Richard

    11 December 2019 at 10:22 am

    The travel pillow…. Where can I get one?

    1. Ivy Miricho

      12 December 2019 at 7:21 am

      Hi Richard, you can get one from Jumia, Miniso and from most supermarkets.

  2. Isabel

    11 December 2019 at 7:47 pm

    So handy! I think everything here is so essential for a traveller👌…but if I had to pick just one, I think i’d get/gift the travel wallet…just to avoid the mini heart attacks you get when you’re fidgeting around for your passport, ticket, cards, etc. Hiyo ni a must-have.
    Thanks sis!

    1. Ivy Miricho

      15 January 2020 at 10:09 am

      Thank you girl.
      I agree, the travel wallet is such a handy item to gift and get for yourself. It’s such a time saver.

  3. Isabel

    11 December 2019 at 7:49 pm


  4. Makena Mitheu

    17 January 2020 at 1:14 pm

    I want everything here.😂 But a travel wallet very much needed!

    1. Ivy Miricho

      26 March 2020 at 11:19 am

      Lol I hear you girl XD

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