3 Thrilling Adventure Activities to do in Sagana

What do you do when you win a voucher to spend the weekend of adventure in Sagana at Savage Wilderness? You pack up your things and rush to Sagana! That is exactly what I did last Saturday. I won a competition run by Savage Wilderness on their Instagram account (make sure you follow them, you might just be the lucky winner the next time they have a competition) to spend the weekend at their camp. The camp was having a busy weekend as they were hosting the annual Tana River Festival and their annual Teachers’ Weekend.

I arrived at the camp at around 1:30 pm and found the Tana River festival activities already underway. Some people were heading out for mountain biking and others were in the river kayaking and stand-up paddling.


Adventure Activities to do in Sagana


One of the best adventure activities to do in Sagana is Zip-lining. I joined a group and geared up for my first activity of the day, zip-lining. The zip line is 100 m which is way shorter compared to this one so I was not nervous. It was so much fun I went twice.



After zip-lining, we went for archery, which I was terrible at! It was fun though and I would gladly try my luck (or lack thereof) again.

View of the bungee tower

We were supposed to go Wall Climbing but we opted to spectate bike ramping which was one of the Tana River Festival activities. What it is is basically riding up the ramp and jumping into the river.

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White Water Rafting

You can not visit to Sagana and fail to participate in a water-based activity. In fact, you cannot go to Sagana and not go rafting. Sagana and rafting go hand in hand.


The rafting was incredible! More details on that are coming soon so do keep an eye out for the next post.

The rest of the day was spent lazing around the Camp’s grounds with the option of swimming.


Bungee Jumping

Chase the ultimate thrill by going bungee jumping. I tried the activity about two weeks ago and I am still riding the high. Here is all you need to know about the bungee jumping experience.

Bungee jumping in Sagana


The camp has cottages, bunk beds and camping facilities. I chose to sleep in a tent by the river.


Activities offered by Savage Wilderness:


A huge thank you to Savage Wilderness for making this happen.

Until next time, Seek Discomfort!


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